Juegos de mesa

poderes unidos -  Juegos_Filosofia cortesana de Alonso de Barros_01

Filosofia cortesana de Alonso de Barros

poderes unidos -  Juegos_Il gioco del aquila_02

Il gioco del aquila
(The game of the eagle)

poderes unidos -  Zuogh dal cacciator_03

Zuogh dal cacciator
(? [..] hunters)
poderes unidos -  Jagd-Spiel_04
(Game of the hunt)
poderes unidos -  Juegos_The New Game_05
“The New Game of Emulation designed for
The Amusement of Youth of Both Sexes and
calculated to inspire their minds with an
Abhorrance of Vice and a Love of Virtue”
poderes unidos -  Juegos_Musical Toy_06
Musical Toy
poderes unidos -  Juegos_Kunst und Glück_07
Kunst und Glück
(Art and happiness)
poderes unidos -  Der Bergbau_07

Der Bergbau
(The Working of Mines)

poderes unidos -  Juegos_German print - game-board_08

German print – game-board

poderes unidos -  Russia versus Turkey_08

A New Game – Russia versus Turkey


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